Success Stories

Picture of John Mendoza

John Mendoza

John Mendoza went to the HELP-sponsored electrician presentation by Cervantes Electrical, attended the trip to Braselton Homes, and fell in love with what he saw. Just before he graduated, he contacted Paul Cervantes, and he had a job as an apprentice electrician. No student loans, no classes to attend – just paid, on-the-job training and a bright future ahead!

Picture of Avner Schroeder

Avner Schroeder

One of the first students we worked with in 2009, Avner was a young man who had had several brushes with the law by the time he found us. He was most impressed to find that someone cared about his future. Avner found his niche in heating and air conditioning, and is now owner of South Texas Comfort Control. Ten years after his time in our program, he was excited to come full circle in becoming a donor to HELP on the Day of Giving, giving back to the organization that he says rescued him from prison and paved the way for his success.

Picture of John Mendoza

Kyle Neuse

Kyle Neuse had no idea what he wanted to do when we met. We showed him many jobs, including refinery work, wind farms, and retail. We helped him get a job at Office Depot, where he shined in customer relations. He left for HEB six months later, where he has worked since 2015 as a product demonstrator. He was recently accepted to St. Philips Alamo College in San Antonio, where he plans to major in Power Generation and Alternative Energy. This new direction in Kyle’s life is a direct result of his HELP jobsite visits to wind farms and green energy professionals almost 10 years ago!