Mission Statement

HELP students touring the KEDT studios

The mission of Hammons Employment Leadership Programs, Inc. (HELP) is to provide employment and educational opportunities and services to at-risk, disabled, middle and high school students through programs aimed at dropout prevention, developing vocational skills, counseling, career mentoring and intervention services.

HELP develops long standing relationships with employers and professional organizations for the purpose of assisting these individuals in their professional growth and ability to gain employment in lucrative jobs and careers.

We also provide high school students, youth in the Juvenile Justice System, and disabled individuals with scholarships to obtain educational job training, and internships with a wide variety of local employers. HELP also assists students with developing an action plan for employment following their completion of high school and necessary training, to ensure career success.

HELP fosters growth in the local economy by providing local employers with a pipeline of current and future employees to address the labor shortage in our community; and the community with the ability to retain a qualified workforce, who often leave for larger cities following their graduation from high school or local junior colleges and universities.